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Spicy Honey Cauliflower (Gobhi)- Sweet and Spicy Starter– Party- Party Recipe–Dry Manchurian

Ingredients – Green chilly slice Cauliflower florets – 2 cups Sugar – 1/2 tsp For batter – Corn flour / Cornstarch – 1/2 cup All purpose flour (maida) – 1/2 cup Black pepper – 1/2 tsp Salt as needed Soya sauce – 1 tbsp. Red chili sauce – 2 tbsp. Tomato sauce – 2 tbsp.… Read More »

Crispy Egg Pokora (अंडा पकोड़ा)– Egg Bonda– How To Make Fried Boiled Egg Pakora– Egg Bajji

Ingredients – Boiled Egg and Remove the shells – 4 to 5 Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp. Besan/ Gram flour – 1 cup Rice flour – 2 tbsp. Ajwin / carom seeds – 1/2 tsp. Salt to taste Garam masala – 1 tbsp. Vegetable oil for deep frying Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp.… Read More »

How To Make Flavored Paneer(स्वादिष्ट पनीर )–Indian Herbs Paneer–Party Starters–Cottage Cheese

Ingredients – Whole milk –1 liter. Lemon or vinegar. Whole Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp. Red chili flakes (as per your taste). Salt to taste. Chopped Garlic – 1 tbsp. Chopped Coriander leaves/Mint leaves/Garlic leaves – 1 tbsp. Method – Bring the milk to boil on medium heat. When milk comes to boil, switch off the… Read More »

Chinese Pakoda (चाइनीज पकोड़ा) –Street Food From Mumbai –Cabbage Pakora–Vegetables Pakoda

Ingredients – Sliced Capsicum / bell pepper (you can use any color of capsicum) Shredded cabbage Onions thinly sliced (optional) Chopped Green chilli (optional) Spring onions (Finely chopped) Carrot (Finely chopped) Corn  flour / Corn starch – 1/2 cup. Semolina (Suji) – 1 tbsp. Salt to taste Food color red – (optional) Ginger – garlic… Read More »

How To Make Crispy French Fries-(फ्रेंच फ्राइज)- Potato Finger Chips- Kids Recipe- Starters

Ingredients – Big Size Potato – 2-3 (as per your choice) Method – Take a bowl of cold water. Peel the potatoes with the help of peeler and  wash. Slice into even sized pieces and  keep it in cold water. Remove the potatoes  pieces from water and put it into strainer. Spread them over a… Read More »

Corn Bhel /Chaat (2 मिनट्स कॉर्न चाट )-Popular Indian Street food- Healthy Snacks For Kids

Ingredients – Boiled corn – 2 cups Black salt – 1/2 tsp(as per your taste) A pinch of Black paper Red chilly flakes (as per your taste) Lemon juice – 1 tbsp. Roasted peanuts – 1 tbsp. Finely chopped Veggies (onions, capsicum and tomato) as per your choice Chat masala – 1/2 tsp Tamarind chutney… Read More »

Popcorn Chicken (घर में बनाये KFC स्टाइल पॉपकॉर्न चिकन)–Chicken Recipe

Ingredients – Boneless chicken fillet (wash and cut it into small pieces) Corn flour/Corn starch –1 tbsp. A pinch of Black paper Bread crumbs (for coating) Red chilli powder (as per your taste) Kashmiri Red Chilly Powder (For color) Egg –1 Salt to taste Oregano –1/2 tsp. Turmeric powder (Kills germs) Ginger – garlic paste-… Read More »

Soft Khaman Dhokla (नाश्ते में बनाये सॉफ्ट और स्पंजी ढ़ोकला)- Gujarati Recipe-Snacks Recipe

Ingredients – Besan/gram flour – 1 cup Coconut grated for garnishing Mustard seeds – 1 tsp Curry leaves – 5-6 Ginger- chilly paste (as per your taste) A pinch of Turmeric powder Salt to taste Sugar (as per your taste) Fruit salt (ENO) -small pack Method – Add salt, turmeric powder and ginger- chilli paste… Read More »

Papad Ke Samose And Rolls(स्वादिष्ट समोसे और रोल्स बनाये पापड़ से )- Snacks- Starter- Appetizer

Ingredients – Papad – 3-4 (big size) Boiled potato – 2 (peeled) Chopped onions – 1/2 cup Chopped/ Grated garlic – 1 tsp Salt to taste Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Chopped coriander leaves Garam masala –1/2 tsp Chilli (as per your taste) Cumin seeds – 1 tsp Vegetable oil for frying Method- Add 1… Read More »

Cheese Balls (बचे हुए चावल से बनाये यम्मी चीज़ बॉल्स)- How To Use Leftover Rice-Snacks

Ingredients – Boiled potato –1 Leftover rice – 1/2 cup Salt to taste A pinch of Black pepper Grated garlic – 1/2 tsp Bread crumbs  for coating Italian seasoning – 1/2 tsp Vegetable oil for deep frying Grated Cottage cheese for stuffing Method – Peel boiled potato and mash well. Add leftover rice, salt to… Read More »