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Sandesh/ Sondesh (सोंदेश मिठाई ) – Bengali Sweets- Indian Desserts- Navratri Special

Ingredients – Paneer / Indian Cottage cheese (hang to drain whey completely) – 1 cup Khoya / Mawa / Milk powder – 1/2 cup Powder sugar (as per your taste)- 3 tbsp. A pinch of cardamom powder Ghee / Butter – 1 tbsp. For Garnishing – Chopped Pista, Tutti frutti, Saffron etc. Method – Add… Read More »

Malai Chop/ Malai Sandwich (मलाई चॉप)–Chena Mitha– Bengali Or Bangladeshi Sweet

Ingredients – 1. Paneer / Chena / Cottage Cheese – 2 cups.2. Sugar – 2 cups (as per your taste). For Stuffing-3. Khoya or Mawa (crumbled) – 1 cup. 4. Food color (Yellow) as per your choice.5. Cardamom powder or Kewra essence – 1/2 tsp. For Garnishing –Slices Pistachio (Pista), Cashew, etc. Tutti Frutti (optional)… Read More »

How To Make Perfect White Rasgulla (वाइट रसगुल्ला)- Bengali Rosogulla–Paneer / Chena Rasgulla

Ingredients – Whole milk – 1 liter Lemon – 1-2 (you can also use vinegar) Sugar – 1 cup (as per your taste) Cardamom powder – 2 pinch Pistachio (pista) for garnishing Method – To make rasgulla, you need to first make paneer/chena from the milk. You can also use unsalted paneer from market. Heat… Read More »

Angoori Rasgulla (अंगूरी रसगुल्ला)-White Rasgulla-Small Rasgulla-Bengali Sponge Rosogulla

Ingredients – Paneer /Chena /cottage cheese Sugar – 1 cup (as per your taste) Cardamom powder – 2 pinch Food color (optional) Method – Add the sugar into the pan, add 2.5 cup of water and cardamom powder in it and allow sugar chashni to boil. Now put chena on the plate and using your… Read More »

Chena/ Paneer Mithai- (छेना मुरकी)- Chanar Murki–Bengali Sweets- Indian Recipe

Ingredients – Paneer/ Cottage cheese (cut in small cubes) – 1 cup Sugar – 1 cup Rose essence (optional) Method – Heat a pan on medium heat. Add sugar and 1/4 cup of water, mix well and stir it regularly. When you see 1 thread of the sugar syrup between your fingertips, sugar syrup is… Read More »

Stuffed Chom Chom Rusgulla –Indian Festival Recipe–Bengali Sweets

  Ingredients – For chena – Whole milk – 1 liter Lemon – 1-2 (you can also use vinegar also) For chasni – Sugar – 1/2 cup (as per your taste) Water – 2 cup Elaichi (Cardamom) powder – 2 pinch For stuffing chom chom – Mawa / Khoya Sugar Pistachios (pista) for garnishing Food… Read More »