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फ्रेश नारियल / खोपरा बर्फी -Coconut Barfi–Nariyal Barfi–Kobbari Mithai

Ingredients – Fresh Grated coconut Sugar – 1/3 cup (as per your taste) Green cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp A tray covered with Aluminum foil For Garnishing – You can garnishing with tutti frutti, Blanched Pistachio (Pista),  almonds ,Silver warq (optional) Method – Heat a pan, on a medium heat. Cut coconut pieces into small… Read More »

फटे दुध से बनाये स्वादिष्ट बर्फी और लडू- Curdled Milk Barfi- Sour Milk Laddu/Ladoo/Katli

Ingredients – Normal Milk / Curdled Milk Sugar (as per your taste) Dry milk powder – 1/2 cup Dry coconut powder – 1/2 cup Milk – 1 cup Food color (optional) yellow Green cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp Ghee / Butter – ¼ tsp (if needed you can add ) Condensed milk (optional) For garnishing… Read More »

Rasgulla In Microwave(15 मिनट में बनाये माइक्रोवेव में रसगुल्ला)-Rosogulla Sweet- Bengali Recipe

Ingredients – Paneer (chena) – 1 cup Sugar- 1/2 cup (as per your taste) Whole cardamom – 1-2 Method – Using your hand press for 5-6 min, until paneer becomes smooth (You can use blender also). Soft dough is ready. Take the small portions of paneer in your hand and shape them into small balls.… Read More »

Thandai Powder( ठंडाई पाउडर) for Hoil – Home Made Thandai Masala By Sunita–Festival Recipe

Ingredients – Almonds (badam) – 1 cup Fennel Seeds (saunf) – 1/2 cup Pistachio (Pista) – 1/3 cup Sugar or as per your taste – 1/4 cup Poppy Seeds (khuskhus) – 1 tbsp. Muskmelon Seeds – 1 tbsp. Black Pepper (whole or powder) – 1 tsp. Whole Cardamom or powder (Elaichi)  -1 tbsp. A thread… Read More »

Colorful Elo Jhelo / Champakali /Goja Sweet Recipe For Republic Day–Indian Sweet Recipe

Hello friends, today I am sharing Republic Day Special Sweet dish. Hope you like it Ingredients – All – purpose flour (Maida) – 1 cup Food color (as per your choice) Ghee / Oil – 2 tsp. Sugar – 1 cup Cardamom powder – 2 pinch Vegetable oil for Frying Method – Add ghee into… Read More »