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Kaaju Roll (काजू रोल) – Cashew Nuts Roll–Kaju Delight–Indian Sweet Recipe

Ingredients – Cashew nuts (Kaaju) powder – 1 cup Sugar – 1/3 cup (as per your taste) Chopped Pistachios (Pista) – 2 tbsp (as per your choice) For coating dry coconut powder Food color (yellow) Ghee / Butter – 1/2 tsp Method – Heat the non-stick pan on medium heat. Add ghee( 1/2 tsp), sugar… Read More »

Steamed Veg Spring Roll

Ingredients – Carrot (cut into length wise) -1 cup Salt to taste Onions sliced –1 cup Green peas –1/2 cup Vegetable oil –2 tbsp. Chopped garlic cloves –3-4 Capsicum (cut into length wise) –1 cup Red chilli sauce as per your taste White vinegar -1 tbsp. Soy sauce – 2 tbsps.. Spring onions (sliced) –… Read More »